Working with Ruthy Boehm


Ruthy Boehm is one of the most fun interesting models I have ever worked with. We originally collaborated on a calendar shoot for Motoangels, and because of funding the calendar never hit print. Right form the time Ruthy Arrived at the shoot, she was courteous, and very professional. Ruthy knew her stuff from the poses, wardrobe, what angles looked good, everything right down to the lighting. Although the calendar never did get published, I tried my hardest to get her published, because that was my job, and what we intended to do right from the get go. About a year later two of her images that we got that day had finally hit print with a smaller magazine called HiGloss Magazine. She was my first of many publications, and probably one of my proudest. Ruthy is not only a great model, but an excellent make-up artist to. She has worked, and met with celebrities such as Danny Trejo, Aaron Rodger, yes he is the quarterback for the Greenbay Packers (reserving judgement lol), and Rondell Sheridan. She Has been Published not only in HiGloss, but also with 4pm Magazine, M Magazine, Pivot Point International, Monkey Magazine, Extreme Sands, and USA Today. I would suggest highly anybody who has not worked with her, to someday work with her. Highly Recommended by me.


Above Chicago!

city 3 a

So the one thing I have been told by one of my my friends who occasionally models for me Kat Schr√∂dinger, Is that I am great with Angles. I have found out not only is this true for models, but also when I am shooting Cityscapes, or even just objects of interest. When I was out in the city last week with another photographer friend of mine before a film meeting, I told my friend that we needed to get out of the crowd, and get above the city. So I found a 10 story parking garage, where we went to the top, and I leaned as far over the edge to catch a shot like this. I was not about to sit on the ledge, and I suggest you never sit, or stand on a ledge while trying to photograph, unless you have the proper safety equipment. The reason being looking through the eyepiece of the camera, and trying to balance is not a good idea at all!!!…. I have tried it and nearly fallen, and have learned from those mistakes. A different perspective though can mean the difference between a great shot, and just a good shot!.

Signs of Chicagos Past




city 5 a

So I decided I am gonna do a photo Series Called Signs Of Chicago’s Past. While walking around the city one day, I started looking at the sides of the old brick walls in Chicago. I noticed signs. Not your modern everyday modern billboard, but signs painted on the sides of buildings. These signs were used for advertising either for corporations, local businesses, or whatever it may be. Signs I also found were stamped into iron on a fire escape. The photo you see here is called the Chicago Theater Ghost Sign. As far as I can gather it was put on the side of the Chicago Theater in 1923. Ghost Signs like these are all around America be it on the sides of buildings, in buildings, or where ever they might be. The term they use is Ghost Sign. I find the fascinating because it represents an era long gone. An era that should be photographed before they disappear in time. Below is a link to the beginning of my project Signs of Chicago’s Past.

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Sitting here

Sitting here I have been reading the Auto Biography of Ansel Adams. I have been thinking of things to photograph.I was thinking of a few photos I have seen taken in the fog. It would really be something I would like to really try. Especially since the snow is melting, and a fog rolls over the land I see in front of me. I have also been thinking of Baseball recently and my love for the game. A few years ago a team called the Lake county Fielders had started but only lasted about 2 seasons due to an owner who could not afford to pay his players. At the End there was only a few people who played for the team, but those players would basically play for the love of the game. I wish we had more players like that. For those few seasons I loved photographing the team, and had captured some great shots!!!… This Wednesday I will be purchasing my opening day ticket to the Chicago Whitesox. I am excited baseball season is here.

Time for photography!.

There are a lot of times when I sit at home, and wonder why I am so bored?. Well the answer is I hate winter, and nobody seems to want to go out during the winter and shoot. I don’t mind shooting in the cold, but people hate going out in the cold and snow to have their photos taken. I love location photography that is why this winter I went back to dabbling in landscape, and cityscape photography. I was in the city the other day and noticed the old buildings, with old painted on billboards fading away. I figured one of these days I am going to go out to the city, and photograph these old billboard paintings, before time takes them completely away from us. I noticed one especially advertising corsets. Corsets were popular back in the early 1900s to the 1920s approximately, and were notorious with the Gibson Girls. So this sign must range back, I think when I go back to get a photo of this billboard, I am also going to get an age on the building, and look up companies from around Chicago back then that made these corsets. I think it might be a year endeavor or so to complete this series of photos, but hopefully someone maybe even a gallery will like it.