Time for photography!.

There are a lot of times when I sit at home, and wonder why I am so bored?. Well the answer is I hate winter, and nobody seems to want to go out during the winter and shoot. I don’t mind shooting in the cold, but people hate going out in the cold and snow to have their photos taken. I love location photography that is why this winter I went back to dabbling in landscape, and cityscape photography. I was in the city the other day and noticed the old buildings, with old painted on billboards fading away. I figured one of these days I am going to go out to the city, and photograph these old billboard paintings, before time takes them completely away from us. I noticed one especially advertising corsets. Corsets were popular back in the early 1900s to the 1920s approximately, and were notorious with the Gibson Girls. So this sign must range back, I think when I go back to get a photo of this billboard, I am also going to get an age on the building, and look up companies from around Chicago back then that made these corsets. I think it might be a year endeavor or so to complete this series of photos, but hopefully someone maybe even a gallery will like it.


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