Signs of Chicagos Past




city 5 a

So I decided I am gonna do a photo Series Called Signs Of Chicago’s Past. While walking around the city one day, I started looking at the sides of the old brick walls in Chicago. I noticed signs. Not your modern everyday modern billboard, but signs painted on the sides of buildings. These signs were used for advertising either for corporations, local businesses, or whatever it may be. Signs I also found were stamped into iron on a fire escape. The photo you see here is called the Chicago Theater Ghost Sign. As far as I can gather it was put on the side of the Chicago Theater in 1923. Ghost Signs like these are all around America be it on the sides of buildings, in buildings, or where ever they might be. The term they use is Ghost Sign. I find the fascinating because it represents an era long gone. An era that should be photographed before they disappear in time. Below is a link to the beginning of my project Signs of Chicago’s Past.

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