Working with Ruthy Boehm


Ruthy Boehm is one of the most fun interesting models I have ever worked with. We originally collaborated on a calendar shoot for Motoangels, and because of funding the calendar never hit print. Right form the time Ruthy Arrived at the shoot, she was courteous, and very professional. Ruthy knew her stuff from the poses, wardrobe, what angles looked good, everything right down to the lighting. Although the calendar never did get published, I tried my hardest to get her published, because that was my job, and what we intended to do right from the get go. About a year later two of her images that we got that day had finally hit print with a smaller magazine called HiGloss Magazine. She was my first of many publications, and probably one of my proudest. Ruthy is not only a great model, but an excellent make-up artist to. She has worked, and met with celebrities such as Danny Trejo, Aaron Rodger, yes he is the quarterback for the Greenbay Packers (reserving judgement lol), and Rondell Sheridan. She Has been Published not only in HiGloss, but also with 4pm Magazine, M Magazine, Pivot Point International, Monkey Magazine, Extreme Sands, and USA Today. I would suggest highly anybody who has not worked with her, to someday work with her. Highly Recommended by me.


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