Motorcycles, Graffiti, and Models

cherry 9 a

It seems some things I like in life are motorcycles, graffiti, and photoshoots with models. As you can tell I love shooting with motorcycles. One of my favorite eras of our history is probably the late 50’s, and early 60’s. Motorcycles, classic Cars, and Pinups. I love shooting things that are modern that remind me of these times. The times were so much simpler back back then, and we were not dealing with the modern problems we have these days. This shot is with a model known as Cherri Ice, and We have put together some amazing shots. Not only on motorcycles but some boudoir too. I think this shot is one of my favorites we did together because it really takes the models leg, and makes it look extremely long. The pose was grand, and her expression beautiful. I am glad I got to work with her, and would gladly love to do more work with her outside the studio!


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