So I went for a walk!


So yesterday I decided at 85 degrees finally in Illinois, I was gonna go for a walk. I had heard of a park near me where there had been Bald Eagle sightings. I walked for about an hour with no obvious bald eagles in sight. I came to a gravel roadway, which is used for automobile traffic, and foot traffic to the nature preserve at the top of the hill. As I walked I ran across this little guy you see here pictured above.

Here he lay sunning himself on a roadway where he could get ran over by a car at any moment!!!. As I approached him he did not move much, but instead decided a safe spot would be underneath my shoe. He then slithered under it and coiled up!. So I moved gingerly, not trying to hurt the snake.  I made my way off the roadway, where I took out my camera and decided to lay in the weeds to photograph him at his level. I think one lady was even about to pull over to see if I was alright, because I was laying in the weeds. As I finished photographing my friendly little snake, I decided maybe the road was not such a good place for him. So I gently pushed him off to the side of the road into the weeds. He slithered happily into the weeds, and I hope now he will live a full life of insect, and mouse hunting. Good luck little Friend!!!


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