The beauty of my children!…



So I have been thinking all week about what I was going to write about, and I was drawing a blank. So after I had some issues with an aunt who thought she was my kids mother, I decided to write about the most important thing in my life. Besides Photography, the most important thing to me is my Children.

Although my children are slowly growing out of Childhood, they growing into teenagers, and young wonderful adults.

I never thought when I was a teenager I would be a father as young as I was. When I was 15, and 16 years old my dreams were to become a baseball star, because I was always a great baseball player. When I was 18 or so I met my soon to be wife,, and although things did not work out between us, I will always have a place in my heart because she is my childrens mother.

We had our first Daughter Amanda when I was 21 years old. She was born with a full curly head of hair, and the biggest chubby cheeks you have ever seen. She has become the most amazingly talented young woman, she is growing up to be. Amanda has played tee-ball, soccer, and now in High School she is playing softball on her freshman team, and has learned to become a switch hitter in softball. She has amazed me with some of her interests, and some of the things she has accomplished. I am so proud to be her father, although now most of the time when she is here with me she pays more attention to her Ipod than anything else. Yet she has taught me so much, like I did not know that Shakespeare used male actors for female roles in his plays she taught me that.

My Daughter Brianna is my second daughter, and I think I protect her the most because there were some issues when my Ex- Wife was Pregnant with her. She was born a month prematurely, at a little over 5 pounds. When she was born I remember Crying, I was so happy she was finally here, and although the doctors said she was going to be a boy, she turned out to be a beautiful baby girl. We named her Brianna, because my name is Brian. She is Graduating 8th grade this year, and again I am so proud of her. There are times she will be talking to her grandfather my dad, and she will say something that amazes us!. My dad always asks ” What wisdom is Brianna gonna give us today?”. She has played soccer and although she has not been much into sports like me, or her sister, and Brother, she has accomplished alot with her school band, and Chorus. I am so proud to have a daughter like her, and I am always there for her. She is my emotional girl, and gets hurt easy. When this happens she always wants a hug from Me.

Then there is Connor. He is my wild child, and can talk your head off. He is also my picky eater still,but he is slowly growing out of that. When he was born he was my first boy,and that is what we were trying for. I stayed up all night while waiting for him to be born. He has grown up to become a great boy, and although most of his interests are his Xbox, Star Wars, and football I will always try to listen although sometimes I do get irritated by the same things I hear everytime!!! SMILES!!!. He started 2 years ago with Flag football where he could outrun about every player on his team. Last year was his first year in tackle football, and he played corner all year he never complained once although sometimes he would know he was hurt he loved it. This year will be his second year in tackle football. He also plays violin for his school band. I am proud of all his amazing accomplishments.

So now you all know about my amazing kids, and I want to end this Blog with a letter my daughter Brianna wrote me in 2011.

Dear Dad,

In Language arts class we are learning to write letters. We have also been talking about people we are thankful for. I chose you, because you’re awesome, and smart.

You’re awesome because you were one of the first people to hold me, and look at me. When I got older, you helped me if I cried, was hurt, or just needed company. I remember when I was bout six years old. I got sick, and had to be taken care of. You helped me until mom took me to the hospital. Thank you!

I love that your nice to me because sometimes no one else is. I remember when I was younger,and I got hurt. You took me to the kitchen, and helped me make different things, like meat, or eggs. I still remember how to make them, Thank you!.

Sometimes I like when you’re smart, because you will help me with my homework, and other times you will just joke around. But you are always smart, even if you are joking around. Thank You!.

Thank you for being such an awesome, smart, and nice person. You have changed my life by always being there for me. If you were not here, I would miss you.





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