Lake Geneva Summer Nights

night 7 a

I love going to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin at night the lights, The Amazing Sunsets, and the sound of a local blues band playing at a local bar. While Strolling through Lake Geneva some of the things you will notice are some buildings dating back to the early 1900’s, with a modern twist because time has taken them over, and changed them over the years. I think my first Real Memories of Lake Geneva, was when I was a teenager, and my parents would take us up there. The few things I remember at night was strolling the beach during the dusk hours, and going to the arcade, which no longer exists, and has been taken over by several smaller shops. The smell of Popcorn, Burgers, Cotton Candy, and Fudge permeated the air.

We would stop for Ice cream at the local ice cream shop, and get a cone, or a sundae. We would sit there for about an hour eating our ice cream, and talking about life. after that we would walk around looking in all the windows at the shops, and stopping in those that were still open. I loved Lake Geneva then, and I still do to this day.

I bought a Tri-Pod for Christmas this year and while walking around Lake Geneva, after getting Chicago Style Pizza, I had decided it was time to take advantage of the Tri-Pod, and take sone night shots, So I dropped the Iso down to 100, went to an F-stop of around 10, and opened the shutter up to bulb setting. I sat around for 20 to 30 seconds for each shot, while the camera captured the lights, and the Amazing ambient Light our eyes cannot take in, but the camera can.




       When It comes to photography, I am enthralled with shooting in the city of Chicago. there is such a variety of things to shoot, and one of them is the building surfaces that reflect. I was in Chicago the other day and noticed the clouds in the blue skies, and the way the buildings reflected the blues, and the other buildings they stood next to. I started to shoot away I decided on some of the shots to get as low as possible. So I put my bag on the ground and used it as a pillow as I laid on my back to get some spectacular shots of some of these beautiful architectural wonders. So here today I sit here writing this wondering what the next spectacular shot I will see next time I am in Chicago!!!.

7 Game losing streak


This Photo Is of Addison Reed at the last Whitesox Game I was at, He is an awesome relief pitcher. He loves save opportunities where the game is on the line, and the pressure is on. This was taken at the last Whitesox game I was at Vs. The Miami Marlins, on May 26, 2013. Coincidentally this is also the last game the Whitesox won when we completed a 3 game sweep of the Marlins. Ever since then we have been on a 7 game losing streak. We lost 3 to the Hated Cubs yes I say the Hated Cubs, because  if you are a Sox fan you are usually not a Cub fan. I will get to that in another post about the Cubs, and needing a new stadium.

Some of the things the Whitesox need, We need to get rid of Kenny Williams, ok maybe he helped bring us a World Series in 2005, but he has also made many bad moves. Take Adam Dunn for instance he can hit the long ball, but most of the time stands up there, and strikes out. He has one more year on his contract in 2014 with the option. I say we trade him while he still has some worth, not that many teams want a strikeout artist. Dunn is batting a “WHOPPING” .166 right now with 72 Strikeouts. Next we shore up the catching spot, as much as I like Flowers, and think he is young, and still has potential. I think we need a better arm behind the plate.

Lets Discuss the Pitching a few years ago we got Jake Peavy Yes he was doing fairly well, but after last night in a 7-4 loss to Seattle. Peavy yet again walked off the mound with another Injury. This seems to be pretty typical of Jake Peavy from year, to year getting injured somehow, maybe its time we part ways with Peavy as much as I really do like him, as a man, and a warrior on the field. We need atleast 1 more solid starter, and a Great Middle relief man who can shut them down.

I know Nate Jones came in last night and had a few good innings against Seatle, but I am not a fan of Nate Jones. He usually comes in and Blows games. With his strange delay pitching style where he holds the ball long enough in the air, so the batter knows whats coming, and can tell if it is a fastball, or a curveball. He is a minor league mid level reliever at best, and Robin Ventura seems to have a love affair with him he is in nearly every single game giving up runs. PLEASE VENTURA NO MORE JONES. Maybe we can trade Jones, and Dunn, and get something halfway decent!!!!….

One other thing we need is a decent Clutch man. We used to have Podsednik, Dye, and a few others but we do not have that anymore. Instead we get get men in scoring position, and cannot advance them, with one or 0 outs. Usually we will have one out, with a man on first this year and we notoriously ground into the double play. I say its time we make some moves and shake the tree!!!!….Like the old Cubs saying goes though there is always next year!!!!