shooting photos at night!


              So recently I have been out at night alot in different towns. Towns like Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, St. Charles, Illinois, and McHenry, Illinois. Most of these towns are near a major water source of some sort, be it a river, or lake. Being near a Major water source, and the vintage feel to these towns, they can produce some visually stunning images, such as the image above taken of the clock tower in St. charles, Illinois, along the Fox River.

       For this photo I had set the iso low I think it was about 200 , and I brought the F stop to about 20 and then set the shutter to bulb, and let the photo exposure for about 50 seconds. only problem I had that night was the fact I was in and out of buildings, and there was some dust in the air due to a nearby storm brewing, So between the Air conditioning in the buildings, the dust in the air, and the mosquitoes gathering in swarms around the river I would get some spots in the photo because my lens would fog from the air conditioning , and then the dust hitting the lens and sticking because of the moisture buildup, and mosquitoes who decided my lens was a good resting spot. When I went home I would notice the spots in the photos and use the patch tool in photoshop to remove them.

      A few photos I still want to get down the road from me there are 2 baseball fields, and the light towers sit above the trees and at night those lights light up the open field next to it. to me this causes me to think Field of Dreams. Another photo I want to get is rides at a carnival with a long exposure, and last but not least as many times as it has been photographed the Chicago Skyline at night!!! or dusk.

       So these are just a few things why I enjoy night time photography!! for the visually stunning photos, and hey when doing this DO NOT forget to bring your tri-pod your hand is not steady for 50 seconds let alone about 5 seconds. So good luck for all those who want to try night time photography.


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