Middle of Nowhere, Illinois!


      Everday I pass this grain elevator on one of my walks, or even on the way to go to the post office. Living in the middle of nowhere Illinois is a definite culture shock. I am used to having a grocery store within a few miles, and not having to go far. Instead we are driving 9 miles to the nearest grocery store. We are 30 minutes from any Walmart. Our town consists of a few gift shops, and a Casey’s General Store. I should also mention we have an antique store, a Gun shop, a cabinet maker, and last but not least the local butcher. Our police station appears to be the old Train station, and have two squad cars. It seems to, be a slower pace to life. I do miss my family and friends. I also miss Whitesox games on T.V everyday, and Blackhawks Games Everyday too. Instead I am stuck Watching St. Louis Cardinal Games and St.Louis Blues Games. Eventually I do plan on going to see my Hawks play the blues in St. Louis, and going to see the Arch, and Busch Stadium, maybe go visit the St. Louis Zoo. there is plenty to photograph around here including Aurthor Illinois, which is a great little Amish Community. I also might try to catch some Illini Baseball games this spring in Champaign, Illinois. I am hoping to start doing more Ive pretty much explored this little town. If anyone in Central Illinois has any Ideas of stuff to photograph, comment or let me know.