Bullying online

Recently as of the past few years there has been a man claiming to be the leader of a movement for people against circumcision. He goes online uses a name he claims he changed legally because his parents circumcised him as a baby. When confronted about it he will block you and start name calling calling all those who have given their children circumcisions molesters and rapers. This man is over 60 years old probably in his 70’s and he has a crazy obsession with the baby penis. His little followers will belittle people and try to make them feel like they are bad parents for deciding to circumcise their children. This old man and his little group will call you names such as mutilator, and they even went as far as slut shaming a model for being a nude model.

He claims his parents gave him a circumcision as an infant so he changed his name legally due to this. So let me state anyone who goes this far over supposed circumcision is completely and utterly not all there. I told him I had a feeling it went deeper than that with his parents, and the fact he seems to use this new found power to get a following of women, and when you ask the questions such as did he have a family? he deflects the questions, he will respond with answers like son you need to get educated. If messaged in private by women who don’t believe  in his little movement he will try to publicly humiliate them by posting the messages online and acting like he is a hero.

After he posts the messages or what they said his band of merry men and women come attacking the person and he basically laughs the whole time as they call the woman slut and whore for being a model. But when I piped up and confronted the issues as to why does a 70 year old man have an obsession with baby penis? Does he have a family? Why change your name the issues seem to go deeper he deflected the questions.

He eventually after several deflections of my questions decided to block me but left my friend unblocked, and let his friends attack her. Big man on the block when someone who is defending a friend gets blocked but you will let your friends attack and slut shame her for not abiding to your sick and twisted little world. I have a feeling that this man gets off on watching his minions attack people. The fact he figured out that circumcision is  a hot topic with young women around the world and he has used it to tear at the heart strings of women around the world just so the attention is not even on them. The attention is so focused on this man that the media never puts those mothers protesting in the news they always put him in the limelight.

These people claiming to be such activists about leaving your child intact will also shame men for being circumcised and tell you what bad parents your parents were for circumcising you. They will say are you ashamed of what your mutilating, molesting parents did to you?  They will tell you you are less of a man for being circumcised and that you are not as sexual of a being for being circumcised. That you are stupid and idiot, an asshole if you do not agree with their views. I am sorry for this blog but I do not think shaming and or making fun of others because you are following a Charlie Manson wanna be is right.. This man is a control freak and loves using it to get others to make fun of others for him. If he was so proud of his movement and who he was why use some crazy name that does not even sound real and like some crazy cult leader?.  Why deflect questions from men who wonder why you slut shame and call people names? Why shame people if you are really such a good person?.