What would you miss?


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So I am reading a book called station eleven by Emily St. John Mandel. About a pandemic called the Georgia Flu that nearly wipes out mankind. Behind is left abandoned places, with no electricity, or running water etc… She poses an interesting question in the book. If this really happened and we had limited resources, and we were forced to use horses, hunt and scrounge for water clothing etc… What would you miss most.

I am really not sure what I would miss most. Today everything is stored in modern forms of media such as computers. People really do not go to the library, or take photographs put them in albums. I think I would miss forms of visual stimulation such as photographs. Photographs tell the stories of where we have been, who we are and were. They tell most of our modern history. I am sure we would eventually lose visual forms of art to vandals and thieves. What would be left are the images in our heads.

We would lose most modern music and have to rely on what instruments we had left to entertain. We would rely on the old fashioned play, no more television, or going on YouTube for entertainment. We would have storytellers again, people who would tell stories of the past we would have to rely on their memories to provide us some of our human history. I am sure some of us would probably lose the skills to read or write to communicate.

I would probably miss being able to travel where you wanted to go on a whim and seeing friends and talking to friends from distances. We would not have cellular phones or Skype. We would not be able to just turn a key and go visit those friends when we want to. We would have to go back to letter writing and delivery services such as the Pony Express again. I would miss everyday conversation quite a bit. Really we do not know how lucky we are to be able to use phones, and social media to keep up with what is going on with our friends.

We would probably miss going shopping for the goods we need. We would have to learn new skills to survive, We would not be able to go to Walmart or the Mall to get clothing, or food or supplies we need for everyday living. We would have to learn to hunt, fish, sew and make items we needed to even travel from place to place. We would have to fabricate parts we needed for wagons etc…


Being able to go to a ballgame with my kid, or take them places like amusement parks. We would not be able to do any of that anymore. our entertainment would be limited, and we would again have to rely on old forms of entertainment that would probably be very new to most of the modern generations who have probably never even been to a play for entertainment.

Anyways just a few thoughts as into how life might be had we lost everything we know. What would you miss most?


So I went for a walk!


So yesterday I decided at 85 degrees finally in Illinois, I was gonna go for a walk. I had heard of a park near me where there had been Bald Eagle sightings. I walked for about an hour with no obvious bald eagles in sight. I came to a gravel roadway, which is used for automobile traffic, and foot traffic to the nature preserve at the top of the hill. As I walked I ran across this little guy you see here pictured above.

Here he lay sunning himself on a roadway where he could get ran over by a car at any moment!!!. As I approached him he did not move much, but instead decided a safe spot would be underneath my shoe. He then slithered under it and coiled up!. So I moved gingerly, not trying to hurt the snake.  I made my way off the roadway, where I took out my camera and decided to lay in the weeds to photograph him at his level. I think one lady was even about to pull over to see if I was alright, because I was laying in the weeds. As I finished photographing my friendly little snake, I decided maybe the road was not such a good place for him. So I gently pushed him off to the side of the road into the weeds. He slithered happily into the weeds, and I hope now he will live a full life of insect, and mouse hunting. Good luck little Friend!!!