Mein Kampf Exploring the evil of hitler and how it mirrors today.


So I started to read Mein Kampf written probably by the most evil man throughout the entire history of the world. He was set on world domination and power after his art had failed. We all know what he did and how the Nazi Regime fell with the fall of Berlin. But what do we really know about what drove him?

Early on in life we know Hitler was from Austria and they never considered Austrians true Germans. Although they sang the German Anthem and Spoke a dialect of German. Germans in Germany considered them to be outsiders. For most of his childhood it seemed fairly normal. When he grew to be a teenager he grew interested in painting and art. He strove to try to be the best. Yet his dad had told him art was basically unfruitful and told him to seek a real education and career. Not to long after he had lost his dad.

He decided that moving to Vienna, Austria to pursue art in the Art school was a good idea but when he tried to enroll they told him his art was just not good enough and that he was good with his drawing skills so he should pursue architecture. At this point in life he would sell his paintings on the street and attend Austrian Parliament meetings. So began his track into politics.

He would sit in Parliament meetings and watch them discuss and pass bills and laws or veto them. He would speak of how old and outdated not only the people in parliament were. But he would also speak of how outdated the system was. That the democracy involved in it was all wrong. That things should not be questioned it should just be. He went further into politics and picked up books on every empire and civilization and studied why they fell. He especially seemed enthralled by the Roman Empire the rise and the fall. He seemed quite obsessed with the Caesars power and how it was almost never questioned. But as we know the Caesars power almost never lasted either they died or in the worst case scenario they were assassinated by someone seeking power. They say that the fall of every empire is when the empire loses its morals.

In a few years the German labor party put out an invite to come to their meeting in a brauhaas and he questioned at first whether he should go or not. But as history will tell us he attended that meeting of only like 16 men in the beginning. He listened to their meeting their minutes being read 1st and from their discussing an updated government and basically what they would do to run it. He was convinced to go back time after time and I am pretty sure after the first meeting he pretty much was searching to take over deep down inside.

After attending several meetings he listened to their speakers but yet was unconvinced that speaker or speakers could motivate people enough, So eventually he started to speak although nervous at first, he became louder and more forceful with his tone and words that people listened to the man at the podium and believed what he was talking about. In a little while he decided their propaganda was not good enough and decided he would even run that himself. After being in WW1 seeing what the French and the Americans and British put out for propaganda and how they made the Germans look like demons, this route seemed the best route. Instead of the normal white flyers they distributed for the German Labor Party meetings he decided the color should be Red. Red Draws attention when your being handed it or even walking by it.

Lets step back a second though before the German Labor Party he was a soldier in the German Army during WW1 and he told of the weak and the strong. Those who would not fight were physically and mentally inferior to him or any of the soldiers there. Towards the End of the war he experienced a poison gas attack and almost lost his sight. When the armistice was signed and the Germans surrendered this infuriated him. The armistice called for all Germans to give up their arms including civilians and they were disarmed. The German Army had to be cut back to 100,000 soldiers only. So Began Weimar Germany.

Weimar Germany he thought was weak that they just gave into the Marxists, The French and Especially Blamed The Jewish. So when he had a chance to when he was starting to work with The German Labor Party, He started to recruit people he knew during the war and called for all ex soldiers to join. The numbers of Each meeting started to boom. He talked about how the government running Germany at the time was basically incompetent and they would try to remove their past by removing statues, and how Germany could rise to be a great Reich again.

When they finally asked him to be the leader of their party officially he accepted the position, and he started first by making sure their meetings were secured because Marxists and the government were sending people into their meetings to try to stop them, hence the creation of Hitlers first storm troopers, he made sure they were strong men. Strong enough to win a scrap and throw the people out causing the disturbance. Eventually  he decided they needed a symbol in order to be more noticed and look like a military they adopted the colors Red, White and Black. they messed with the designs of the flag said he was even close to allowing one of the other party members designs, but it had a curved Swastika. So his design was the final design you eventually saw on the Nazi flags and arm bands on the storm troopers with an actual uniform. I really do not think he denied his friend because of the curved Swastika. I honestly think he denied him because he wanted to be an artist and this way his art would finally be seen.

With uniforms, arm bands and flags waving they would enter the halls in formation marching in getting the attention of all those involved. That combined with Hitlers charisma gained followers. I guess if he would have had any form of social media back then would have made things even worse, But eventually with a failed attempt of an overthrow of the Wiemar republic, Hitler would go to prison and write Mein Kampf.

He would talk of how the press would only publish bits and pieces of what was actually said by the politicians. So they could push a completely different agenda. I honestly do not know how many times I have heard sound clips or seen video clips within our own media that does this. the speech may have a good meaning but by time the press is done with it they take the one sound clip and play it over and over again drilling that one sound bite into your head. So in the end people are like oh my God this person or politician said this but they did not play the whole speech. In order to get the actual meaning of the speech, The whole speech needs to be heard not just 10 words. He would also speak how Weimar Germany started taking statues down of famous political figures. Or how they disarmed their people and cut the military back. All stuff that has happened fairly recently in America here.

When he finally spoke of the way he would run things he spoke about how the Jewish people ran everything in his schizophrenic paranoia. He believed they ran the Press, they ran the banks. They supposedly ran the Marxists according to him, along with the German Weimar  Government, They even supposedly ran the French Government.  He blamed them for the poison gas attacks during WW1 and said if 12,000 or 15,000 Jews were killed by poison gas themselves it would start to atone for the poison gas attacks on the German Soldiers During World War 1. Hence this is probably built the gas chambers because he believed they should pay. He actually never said what they did or anything. He had a giant paranoid belief the Jewish people would someday take over the world and this needed to be stopped no matter the cost.

This again mirrors what is going on today whether its the Democrats saying the Russians colluded with trump and are running things, or that they helped try to destroy the republicans using social media and that they are actually the head of the Democratic party.  Either way are people are starting to believe Russians are the head of everything. I really do not think we will ever know the truth unless we stop voting for billionaires who can hide anything by throwing some money around. This goes for Democrats and Republican alike.

Some people also believe Hitler was Bi-Polar and I honestly can kind of see that in his writings because sometimes he would completely be going along just fine but then he would start going on rants about Jewish people out of nowhere or the African American People. Yes I am being PC because those were not the terms he used. He was a hateful, racist, anti-Semite with an agenda. I think his arrogance and his hateful nature came from denial. His father told him art wasn’t going to pay the bills, and the art academy basically told him his painting was not good enough. That combined with being thrown into prison in the 20’s. Probably fueled his hatred even more. I think he thought well I fought for this country and now they are letting me down and all they did at the end was throw me in prison. I think he was out to prove to people that he was going to show them.

Here is another mirror of America today as the veterans we have do not seem to get the help they need. They sit and get denied for benefits from the VA hospital and eventually we get veterans who snap one day because the country they defended is no longer defending them or helping them. It is ashamed that this is the way things are in this country and i think this needs to change. Plus we here the government going on Calling people racist or anti-Semite. The press is the best at race baiting trying to pit one race against the other and trying somehow to start a civil war within America again. I absolutely hate that. I promise you if another civil war breaks out nobody is going to be the winner and this time it wont be only soldiers who get killed but thousands of innocents caught in the crossfire of modern day weapons.

Later he would go on to go on 100 page chapter on education and work forces. On the education he believed that the physical well being of a youth was more important than loading his mind in his words with useless information. He believed physical education was the key. He also discussed the workers in Germany how based on what they were good at they would have a job assigned to them and each worker would be paid equally. Mind you for awhile after he did take power before ww2 the economy in Germany was booming and jobs were abundant although assigned to you. When you think about what he was preparing his youth for and the propaganda he spewed it is .amazing sometimes the people listened, but I think they were so sick of the old government that they were driven into these new ways hoping things would get better. Eventually he removed books he decided were against the beliefs of the nation from Germany because if people were to think independently and be educated this would be bad and he might lose control.

Here again represents modern day America because we leave stuff out of history books that is important because it might offend someone. We want to take down statues like Weimar Germany did remove them from the eye of famous historical figures because it might offend someone. We remove flags because it might offend someone, we are slowly erasing our history and to me teaching kids in our school systems a new agenda. We do not want them to have independent minds the press drives home talking points to the point where they spew it to the youth so now the youth now believe this is the right way to act. They remove books from our schools and this started way back in the 80’s. Because of the reference of racial slurs like Tom Sawyer an American Classic where kids did not believe skin color mattered in the book they were all friends. Then there is to kill a mockingbird, yes it has a few racial slurs in it but those are the times it was written in and the moral of the story  is a man should never be based on skin color.

Then we discuss the workers and Equal pay which everyone seems to be begging for here even if your 16 and your first job is McDonald’s apparently you should be making 15 dollars an hour. Where people with a college education or people who have worked themselves up to that wage. Or your working a hard manual labor job such as a Grain elevator your making that much. If minimum wage is 15 dollars an hour than those who are educated make alot more.  With raised income comes raised prices of everything you buy and cutbacks of workers as we have already seen with Walmart soon putting in all self checkouts, getting rid of Sam’s club and talking about robotic inventory. may be more expensive at first but in the long run saves money. I know this for a fact because several employees packing at a company I was at insisted they get just as much as people who had been there forever. They replaced those workers with robotic packing machines and fired  those workers cost them more in the beginning but saved them millions in the end on labor.

After Hitler came into power right around 1938 He opened the first Concentration/labor/death camp. Originally it was not for the Jewish it was for the enemies of the state where if they didn’t execute them they were forced into hard labor. The man who ran against Hitler was forced into one of these camps although he was Hitlers opponent in the election, he was forced into a work camp where he died. After Hindenburg died Hitler than took power as the Fuhrer, basically he was now the authority no more elections his henchman were picked by him. Eventually the Jewish were put into ghettos and he disarmed the Jewish people of their guns and knives and if you refused you were shot on site. He than rearmed his citizens with handguns only. There was probably a reason so a coup could not be started although several tried to take him out with 42 attempts on his life the most famous operation Valkyrie. He almost did lose power at that point along with all his people but the explosion never killed Hitler in the wolfslair.

Now with the gun control issue we are having it is becoming very similar to Nazi Germany. We are told certain guns are bad and that we cannot own them and only certain guns are allowed. We push this agenda after every school shooting I can see the kids who were there maybe saying no more AR-15. But most shootings are not committed with law abiding citizens guns in the United States. Most Criminal Acts like in Chicago are committed by gangbangers with illegally bought guns. They use the school shooting agenda and alot are pressing for no guns including some of our politicians. I am not for disarming law abiding citizens, But I am for stricter gun control laws. In Deerfield Illinois the Ar-15 has now been outlawed for sales and if you are an owner if you do not give it up you face 1000 dollar fine. We need to be vetting gun owners harder better background checks on everyone in the house possibly even. raise in age heck the human brain does not fully develop until the age of 25. In Illinois the law is 21 for a tattoo but 18 to get a gun. Do these laws do not make sense they make me infuriated that our government wants this much control over everything we do.

I probably did not hit every talking point I wanted but I think this will get the point across that we need to speak up if we want to keep our rights. I have to admit It was a creepy journey getting into Hitlers head, and it was scary. Whats even more scary alot of stuff that is happening today is repeating what happened in the past. Hopefully you all enjoyed this and learned something agree or disagree with me but I have an opinion and blogging is definitely a place I can teach and educate.


What would you miss?


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So I am reading a book called station eleven by Emily St. John Mandel. About a pandemic called the Georgia Flu that nearly wipes out mankind. Behind is left abandoned places, with no electricity, or running water etc… She poses an interesting question in the book. If this really happened and we had limited resources, and we were forced to use horses, hunt and scrounge for water clothing etc… What would you miss most.

I am really not sure what I would miss most. Today everything is stored in modern forms of media such as computers. People really do not go to the library, or take photographs put them in albums. I think I would miss forms of visual stimulation such as photographs. Photographs tell the stories of where we have been, who we are and were. They tell most of our modern history. I am sure we would eventually lose visual forms of art to vandals and thieves. What would be left are the images in our heads.

We would lose most modern music and have to rely on what instruments we had left to entertain. We would rely on the old fashioned play, no more television, or going on YouTube for entertainment. We would have storytellers again, people who would tell stories of the past we would have to rely on their memories to provide us some of our human history. I am sure some of us would probably lose the skills to read or write to communicate.

I would probably miss being able to travel where you wanted to go on a whim and seeing friends and talking to friends from distances. We would not have cellular phones or Skype. We would not be able to just turn a key and go visit those friends when we want to. We would have to go back to letter writing and delivery services such as the Pony Express again. I would miss everyday conversation quite a bit. Really we do not know how lucky we are to be able to use phones, and social media to keep up with what is going on with our friends.

We would probably miss going shopping for the goods we need. We would have to learn new skills to survive, We would not be able to go to Walmart or the Mall to get clothing, or food or supplies we need for everyday living. We would have to learn to hunt, fish, sew and make items we needed to even travel from place to place. We would have to fabricate parts we needed for wagons etc…


Being able to go to a ballgame with my kid, or take them places like amusement parks. We would not be able to do any of that anymore. our entertainment would be limited, and we would again have to rely on old forms of entertainment that would probably be very new to most of the modern generations who have probably never even been to a play for entertainment.

Anyways just a few thoughts as into how life might be had we lost everything we know. What would you miss most?

Boston Strong!!!


        Although we argue a lot, over many issues, nothing is more powerful or inspiring as when our Nation rally’s together. In this very moment I can say with my head held high, I’m proud to be an American. This was Written by my friends who run a fan page on Facebook called Life’s Detour. I could not have said it much better than that!. Tonight I am very proud to be an American. Last summer I took this photo I called only the strong dedicated to those who have not only server our country here, but overseas, and in foreign armed services to. I love when our nation comes together, and for a little while we are not Democrats, or Republicans, but WE ARE UNITED.

We as a nation will not tolerate terrorists!!! It does not matter if they are from here, or from another country. I as a citizen represent my country, I represent you, and I represent my family. We are a strong nation, and I do not know why we only come together in times of tragedy. My father almost every morning hangs an American Flag out front of our house!!!. He is a Proud American, although he never fought in a war, he served in the Marine Corps. He had a Friend who died in Vietnam, his name Was MSG. Timothy Bodden. He was aboard a CH-46 Air crew member when his Helicopter went down over Vietnam. I had heard a few stories,from it just went down, to they took enemy fire. No matter the story we know he served his country, and died for his country!.

We will never forget those who died, or got injured this past week, because of a few cowardly acts by excuse my language Cowardly Asshole terrorists. I would like to say my prayers are still with the family of those lost, and those who lives are changed forever by these cowardly acts. We will forever be in debt to those who brought these terrorists to justice, and to those who were first responders, firefighters, and even regular citizens who took it into their own hands to save people they did not even know. Now their lives have intersected, and will forever be connected. God Bless All Of You!

Thank you for reading this!!


This is a virtual memorial to MSG. Timothy Bodden,

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