Wondering what is around the Corner


       So next week January 15th, 2014 I leave Northern, Illinois for the Fields consisting of Corn, and Soy and a Vintage town in Central Illinois. At the same time I am excited, I still feel some sadness, because of some things I leave behind, like my Family, and Friends mainly. I grew up here since I was about 14 years old or so, and have been in this area since. I got Used to places like McHenry, Illinois. Although me and my ex-wife are no longer together, I met her here in this area, and we had 3 beautiful kids together. I will be getting them a week of winter break, spring break, and all of summer. It is more time to spend with them overall though. Normally I only get them every other weekend on Saturdays and Sundays. I will be sad that they are over 200 miles away.

     I know this will be a change, like I said I am leaving my kids here with their mother, but I know they are still in good hands. I have many memories here though. High School Hanging out with my friends at the High School football games when I was a teenager and the dances after the games. Homecomings, turnabouts, and proms where many new relationships were made, but heartbreak also happened at times. Spending Time at the Spot which was a pool hall in McHenry, Illinois. Working at the McHenry outdoor theater forever and a day.Many nights spent there watching movies. Movies such as Casper, Finding Nemo, Jay, and Silent Bob Strikes Back, The Others, and the list goes on and on.

     The good thing about moving though is I am starting a new life, and getting to make new friends. I will also be able to break out the camera and explore new areas. the closest Wal-Mart will be about half an hour or so away. It is an amazing little town so Vintage, with a splash of modern with the outlet mall. St. Louis and Chicago are only about 2 hours or so away in case I do want to go to either city. Lets face it going to see a Blackhawks game at the United Center is Expensive and it will be cheaper for me to go to see them play the Blues in St. Louis.  Monicals Pizza is a delight to go to if your ever in Central, Illinois, and they have the most amazing French Dressing for their salads, and an even more amazing Pizza. We may not have places like we got up here like a Jewel, as those seem reserved for northern Illinois, and the Chicago Land area. We do on the other hand have the convenience of an IGA. If your hungry late at night places like Denny’s and a 24 hour subway are open. Some of the Best Carmel Apples I have ever had come from the Candy Kitchen there.

    I know I will miss the convenience of some of the stuff here. Most of all though I will miss My family, kids, and My Friends the most. I will be back occasionally to see them and spend holidays and such with them though. I hope my friends also maybe find it in their heart occasionally to come visit me to, I will not have very many friends to start down their, and sure would be nice to see some familiar faces on occasion!!! Well I am going to go for now I hope you enjoyed this it is different than I normally write. But if you like this hit like share it and please follow!!!

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shooting photos at night!


              So recently I have been out at night alot in different towns. Towns like Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, St. Charles, Illinois, and McHenry, Illinois. Most of these towns are near a major water source of some sort, be it a river, or lake. Being near a Major water source, and the vintage feel to these towns, they can produce some visually stunning images, such as the image above taken of the clock tower in St. charles, Illinois, along the Fox River.

       For this photo I had set the iso low I think it was about 200 , and I brought the F stop to about 20 and then set the shutter to bulb, and let the photo exposure for about 50 seconds. only problem I had that night was the fact I was in and out of buildings, and there was some dust in the air due to a nearby storm brewing, So between the Air conditioning in the buildings, the dust in the air, and the mosquitoes gathering in swarms around the river I would get some spots in the photo because my lens would fog from the air conditioning , and then the dust hitting the lens and sticking because of the moisture buildup, and mosquitoes who decided my lens was a good resting spot. When I went home I would notice the spots in the photos and use the patch tool in photoshop to remove them.

      A few photos I still want to get down the road from me there are 2 baseball fields, and the light towers sit above the trees and at night those lights light up the open field next to it. to me this causes me to think Field of Dreams. Another photo I want to get is rides at a carnival with a long exposure, and last but not least as many times as it has been photographed the Chicago Skyline at night!!! or dusk.

       So these are just a few things why I enjoy night time photography!! for the visually stunning photos, and hey when doing this DO NOT forget to bring your tri-pod your hand is not steady for 50 seconds let alone about 5 seconds. So good luck for all those who want to try night time photography.

Signs of Chicagos Past




city 5 a

So I decided I am gonna do a photo Series Called Signs Of Chicago’s Past. While walking around the city one day, I started looking at the sides of the old brick walls in Chicago. I noticed signs. Not your modern everyday modern billboard, but signs painted on the sides of buildings. These signs were used for advertising either for corporations, local businesses, or whatever it may be. Signs I also found were stamped into iron on a fire escape. The photo you see here is called the Chicago Theater Ghost Sign. As far as I can gather it was put on the side of the Chicago Theater in 1923. Ghost Signs like these are all around America be it on the sides of buildings, in buildings, or where ever they might be. The term they use is Ghost Sign. I find the fascinating because it represents an era long gone. An era that should be photographed before they disappear in time. Below is a link to the beginning of my project Signs of Chicago’s Past.


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