Dont Sit Back!!

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I just watched a Live feed on Facebook by Stel Bailey. She was talking about being a GO GETTER!!!. I do believe that gigs and clothing etc… Is not going to be just handed to you in the photography and modeling industry. Yes you will be able to land designers and yes they will want you to shoot their stuff, but not with a ton of footwork and talking so they get to know you and what you can do for them.

Over the past several months I have worked with an awesome friend/model Jessie Ann and I have done a ton of footwork to get where we are at as a team. Not only have I done promoting her Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram etc.. But she has also promoted herself to get where she is at. I went to the companies with her original photos she had from another photographer and said here is a model I would like to shoot your stuff with. 3 companies and 1 designer have jumped at the opportunity.

The point is I did not sit back and let those companies come to me and expect they just are going to send stuff. I worked my butt off to get them to want us and me to shoot for them. Just to mention a few names, Swimrags Swimwear, Rock God Eyewear and even now Husk Apparel. This was not easy!!! People it takes hard work and alot of determination.

Many hours were spent planning the shoot for me to go from Illinois to Pennsylvania. Spent alot of time discussing locations, getting lodging for the weekend, food , and transportation from here to there and then to the locations once I get there. It is not easy to do all that and then you have to battle weather elements in the middle of April. We shot on a beach for the swimsuit part of our shoot, on Lake Erie again in the middle of April. Be prepared for elements if you are doing this in April, and make sure you have the proper attire for in between wardrobe changes, so your model stays comfortable. I would rather I freeze than my model. So in between shots she was in my jacket, In a Pink Victorias Secret Hoodie covered in towels just so she was warm and could be ready to go brave the elements for the next suit.

Like I said sometimes in order to get results though you must produce the results. It is not just about things being easy. I have invested alot of time and effort to get where I am at and It has been very rewarding at times. Make sure when you approach companies you have a good body of work or a great portfolio. that is absolutely necessary. They want to see what you can do who you have shot with, where you are published, etc….

Getting published is a whole different ballgame and again that I will discuss in another blog because there is alot more to write on that!!!

Thank you for reading again,

Brian Andrews


Shooting at the beach!!

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    There is something about shooting at the beach. I started thinking about this because today it is raining, and has been for about the past 2 days here in Central Illinois. I think the reason I find it an experience to shoot at the beach is because not only is it challenging, but it is relaxing and fun at the same time. Well also if you get to hot you can also take a quick dip in the water to cool off. DO NOT FORGET TO BRING SUNSCREEN. I have forgot and have regretted it and head to go home and soak in lukewarm water in the tub for several hours. Also another tip bring a towel, if the model forgets to, atleast you have one!. Also make sure you bring some clothes like a swimsuit for yourself that you are willing to get wet in to get the best shots because you will be in wet sand, and even sometimes in the water too. Also make sure you have your camera strap around your neck and quick reflexes because the waves can become tricky. If you are someplace like Lake Michigan also realize the water is cold!! Only stay in for 5 to 10 minutes tops along with the model. Then you can move to the warm beach and shoot the sand photos. I try to watch the weather before a beach shoot to so even if it is warm atleast we have blue skies. If you have blue skies you have blue water and it makes for a much prettier shot!!. Be careful also obey the warnings if they say do not go in water due to riptide, IT MEANS DO NOT GO INTO WATER!!! you do not want to put your life on the line!!!. Make sure you are not to far from a car or shelter to because even though the day seems nice it can turn nasty really quick. I was on a shoot with Miss strawberry, and the day started out beautiful, and suddenly Dark clouds rolled in the lighting started to flash so we left quickly to our car. Needless to say tornado sirens went off not to long after. Lake Michigan is actually not a lake it is scientifically considered an inland sea and will create its own weather patterns quickly sometimes without warning. the shot you see above though is with a model Hunny Bunny and was a perfect day but the waves were massive so we did not go into the water much due to that!!!. These are just a few tips for shooting on the beach hope you enjoyed this blog, and if you want please do not forget to follow me!!!